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Archive for July 24th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 29

July 24, 2023

Monday, July 17: At some point the guy the condo association (grand name for five families) hires to cut the yard once a summer will show up. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the wildflowers growing next to the driveway.

Closeup of an Indian paintbrush in bloom.

Tuesday, July 18: Woke up feeling a bit more stuffed up than ususal. Thought it was probably still allergies but since I had to go to the dentist, took a rapid COVID test. Came up negative, so off I went to get my teeth cleaned. Got to look outside while waiting for the hygienist.

Looking out a window onto greenery with a street running parallel to the window. Feet wearing jeweled flip flops in the lower part of the frame. Corner of a screen showingg dental xrays in the upper right.

Wednesday, July 19: Mr. Karen and I suspected our favorite huckleberry picking spot was ready given how the berries looked at a lower altitude the last time we were out, and we were right. The berries were beautiful—ripe and shiny and good sized—and not even hiding under leaves for the most part. We set a new personal best for ounces picked in an afternoon even with leaving plenty of berries on the bushes for the animals to eat.

Huckleberry bush with bright green leaves and dark purple berries in abundance.

Thursday, July 20: I had been using a big piece of cardboard to block the sun from one of the windows in the studio but that got warped by moisture dripping from the ceiling (yes, the landlord knows and no, they aren’t going to do anything about it) so no longer worked. I found a styrofoam board to use instead and liked the pattern of circles highlighted by the sun behind it.

White and grey pattern of circles of various sizes jammed next to each other.

Friday, July 21: I wasn’t able to go see the Barbie movie on its opening day, but I was able to don my Barbie pink heels and strut around my house for a while in solidarity.

Hot pink jeweled high heel slides being modeled by a white person wearing blue toenail polish. Person is visible from the calves down.

Saturday, July 22: Much more practical footwear on this day: socks with one of my favorite snacks on them. These only came in are men’s size but fortunately my feet are big enough that they’re only a little loose at the toe.

Legs crossed at the ankle wearing red socks with orange cheese snack crackers woven into the design

Sunday, July 23: It was a full day, getting things done around the house then going to town to hang out with friends in the park, then coming home and knocking more things off my to do list, yet when bedtime approached, I realized I still needed a photo for the day. Lacking a time machine to go back to the park and capture the beautiful if a tad warm summer afternoon, I snapped a closeup of an intricate wooden art piece made by a friend’s in-laws that I won at a charity event. It’s displayed on the wall near the first piece of art Mr. Karen and I bought for our place here, in a shop in town that no longer exists.



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