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Archive for June 12th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 21

June 12, 2023

As will become clear almost immediately, I was traveling again and not posting here. In a bold move, I didn’t even take my laptop with me. The catching up begins now.

Monday, May 22: Left home to head east in my more fully loaded than usual car thanks to the 4-drawer filing cabinet and four boxes of sheet music making the trip with me so they could be delivered to their new home in Illinois. The sunset I could see in my rear view mirror as I approached Bozeman, Montana was so colorful I felt compelled to get off the freeway so I could admire it properly (and of course take a few photos). I ended my day in Billings, at a hotel I’ve stayed at several times before, alone and with Mr. Karen and once with Mr. Karen’s mom Joan (but without Mr. Karen).

Sunset scene dominated by a moody cloudy blue sky that takes up about four-fifths of the frame. There's a band of yellow and orange sandwiched between the clouds and the darker landscape below.

Tuesday, May 23: One of my travel companions for this trip was a crocheted emotional support potato. We stopped at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota together. After driving the rest of the way across North Dakota and then a bit further, we stopped for the night in Alexandria, Minnesota.

Small tan crocheted potato sitting on a rock wall with tan hills behind it in the distance. The potato holds a sign reading: Positive Potato I may be tiny potato but I believe in you! Go do your thing!

Wednesday, May 24: More driving. The rest of Minnesota, then through Wisconsin with a stop at the cheese shop with the big fiberglass cow out front, then into Illinois, where I checked into a hotel a half hour from the hotel I’d check into the next day for the conference that dictated the timing of this particular trip.

Plastic bag of string cheese whips.

Thursday, May 25: Checked into the conference hotel. I’ve apparently stayed enough night at the chain to get upgraded to the top floor, from which I could see this view of the office building next door.

View out a window at a glass box office building.

Friday, May 26: It would be possible to stay in the hotel all weekend, socializing and going to classes and such, but I try to get outside at least once each day. I no longer recall where I saw these flowers planted next to a sidewalk … had I just stepped out of the hotel to walk around? or did I drive somewhere for lunch and these were by the restaurant? I suppose it doesn’t matter; they’re a nice spot of color regardless.

Flower bed packed with purple petunias.

Saturday, May 27: One of the women at the conference hid many many tiny plastic ducks around the hotel for people to find and then post about in the Discord (I guess this is a thing now, having a conference Discord, which is sort of like a forum from back in the day but more confusing). I spotted this one on the mirror frame in the elevator lobby on my floor.

Very small white duck figurine sitting on a gold frame of a mirror. Elevator doors are reflected in the mirror.

Sunday, May 28: In addition to getting outside at least once a day during the conference, I aimed to eat a vegetable every day. On this particular day, I overachieved and ate several vegetables.

Clear plastic clamshell package containing sliced vegetables: cucumbers, broccoli, and three colors of pepper. A small container of hummus is next to the open clamshell.



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