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A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 20

May 22, 2023

Monday, May 15: Took a walk to the village with Mr. Karen and there was so much to see I had a hard time picking a photo for today. We went up the road past the lifts to the seasonal stream raging with spring runoff and then came back down and took in the view down the beginner slope, temporarily unobstructed by lift towers and chairs as they’ve taken the old lift out and construction of the new one has yet to begin, and that was all picturesque. But I went with this trillium, not the first one I’ve seen this spring but not far behind it.

Wildflower with three white petals framed by green leaves on a brown background.

Tuesday, May 16: Mr. Karen and I went down to town to vote in our local election, then had lunch and walked over to the beach, where a few folks were enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

Beach along a lake with mountains in the background. There's a log structurein the water to mark the end of the swimming area; two people are sitting on that with their back to the camera.

Wednesday, May 17: Went down to the studio to work on some things. When I left, the sky was beautiful, so much so that I pulled off the road next to some train tracks to admire it and take some photos.

View of the sky at sunset, with dramatic clouds lit up in yellow orange. Some pine trees are silhouetted in the foreground, with hills in the background.

Thursday, May 18: Another day, another walk to the village to get the mail and enjoy spring. This is the view down the beginner slope, with the one remaining lift tower from the old lift that they left (we assume because it has lights on it for night skiing). The haze is smoke from the fires in Canada.

View from the top of a gentle ski slope in spring, with a hazy view of a lake in the valley below.

Friday, May 19: Went in for my long overdue routine mammogram. This coloring book panel was outside one of the doors in the hallway to the imaging center, a bright spot in an otherwise drab institutional building.

Horizontal panel from a coloring book showing brightly colored in flowers overlapping each other.

Saturday, May 20: Was busy working my to do list in preparation for a solo road trip, but still took some time out to color. I love quirky images like these cats walking on their hind legs going for the milk set out on a table in the yard.

Screenshot of a page from a coloring book app. Based on painting Two Jugs of Milk by Louis Wain. Park-like setting with a timbered house in the background and a table with blue and white ceramic jugs and a vase with flowers on a table in the foreground. There is a large cat on its hind legs inspecting the table, with two kittens on their hind legs approaching behind the large cat.

Sunday, May 21: Got out for a walk before the rain came. Almost no snow left on these south facing slopes.

View of a ski resort in spring. The runs have just tiny patches of snow left on them.



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  1. Billy Says:

    Nice photos. That’s a pretty trillium and I love the clouds.

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