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Archive for May 11th, 2023

A Week-ish in Photos: 2023, Part 18

May 11, 2023

Monday, May 1: Spent some time in my studio in town. As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed the light outside and took a few shots to remember.

Willow tree in the foreground on the left with bright yellow leaves just emerging for spring. Pile of peeled and shaped logs to the right of that, with more piles farther away. Low mountains in the distance with an orange tinted sky above them, with a scattering of clouds in a blue sky at dusk.

Tuesday, May 2: More and more brown showing through on the mountain.

View of a ski resort on a grey day in springtime The runs have some snow on them but also many bare brown spots.

Wednesday, May 3: Flew to Philadelphia for a craft conference. Connected in Minneapolis, where there was a small art exhibit near my gate: Mosaics by Kellie G. Holt. This one is called Color Links.

Stained glass design in a white painted window frame. The design is interlocking Celtic-like links in yellow gold, blues, greens, oranges, reds, brown, and purple.

Thursday, May 4: My plane had gotten in so late the night before that I decided to stay at the hotel right at the airport, which meant I woke up with this view from the 14th floor. I checked out, picked up my rental car, checked into a hotel close to the conference venue, walked to the Target nearby for snacks to have in the room, changed clothes, and went to the opening session for the conference. COVID rapid testing was required to get one’s badge and thus entry, and the check-in process was confusing to me. I felt off kilter all evening and didn’t stay for the whole opening session.

View out a window of an airport terminal, with two parking decks on either side in the foreground.

Friday, May 5: I was still feeling out of sorts for the morning sessions of the conference; I didn’t really know anyone (had taken classes with a couple of the folks before and knew a couple more from seeing their stuff online) and there were at least two large groups of folks who did know each other pretty well, and while they weren’t unfriendly it felt hard to break into their conversations. I took a break at lunch instead of staying inside as many folks did (lunch was provided) and that helped. While out and about, I saw this smokestack … asbestos had different associations when it was built, I’m sure. The afternoon sessions went better for me, and I started to feel it hadn’t been a mistake to spend time and money to come to this event.

Industrial buildings with a brick smokestack dominating the view. The smokestack has C O Asbestos on it in white letters, stacked vertically.

Saturday, May 6: A full day of classes followed by an evening of socializing. I wore these wedges for the social hours, and they were actually comfortable; I didn’t feel tempted to take them off and change into the flats I’d brought just in case.

Black leather sandals with a high rope-covered wedge heel, worn by a white person with their legs crossed at the ankles and a red pedicure.

Sunday, May 7: The conference wrapped up after lunch, and I spent the rest of the day in my hotel room, relaxing and snacking and packing. My view was not nearly as interesting as it had been at the airport hotel.

View out a hotel room window with air conditioning equipment in the foreground and apartment buildings in the background.


Monday, May 8: I managed to get myself up and out of the hotel early enough to spend a couple hours at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on my way to the airport. That wasn’t enough time to do it justice, but it was more time than I thought I’d have since I’m not known for my early rising-ness. I lingered longest in the small room with the glass collection, musing on how utilitarian items like whiskey bottles used to be more beautiful.

Antique glass bottles displayed on three shelves in a backlit case. The bottles are many different colors: clear, green, blue, gold, purple, amber, brown.



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