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Archive for April 24th, 2023

A Week-ish in Photos: 2023, Part 16

April 24, 2023

Tuesday, April 18: We’d made an effort to eat up all our perishables before we left town the previous week, so it was time to go grocery shopping. The super happy, super cute tortilla chip on this box hasn’t yet gotten me to buy this brand, but it definitely catches my eye every time I’m in the store.

White cardboard box on a store shelf. There are bands of yellow triangles priinted along the top and bottom. More Chips? Yes, Please! is printed in red below the top band of triangles.  Below, that Chica's Chips is printed in bigger letters in red and yellow, with a cartoon chip with arms and legs and big smile next to that.

Wednesday, April 19: Still looking wintery on the mountain, though some small spots of dirt are showing through now at the edges of cattracks and similar spots where the coverage was less deep.

View of a ski resort with snow covered runs

Thursday, April 20: I stayed home and took care of things like laundry and took no photos. I did color some pictures in my app, though; for example, this bird on a bowl of fruit.

Screenshot of an image from a coloring book app.

Friday, April 21: Took my car down to the village to empty our ski locker. First we had to clear the snow off, because winter was back for a bit.

Orange car with several inches of snow on it. The windshield is partially cleared. There is a ski mountain in the background.

Saturday, April 22: Since the wintery weather was still around, a hearty hot breakfast of steel cut oats with cream and huckleberries seemed appropriate.

Bowl sitting on a table. Bowl has steel cut oats in it, topped with huckleberries, topped with cream.

Sunday, April 23: Went through some stuff at the studio. I’m not sure why I held on to this Dionne quintuplets bowl when my brother and I cleaned out Mom’s basement. It would have belonged to her mom, my grandmother. I don’t remember seeing it in my childhood, or having any conversations with either of them about the quints. I guess I was surprised that of the things from that era that we found, this bowl was among them. I think I’m ready to release it back into the world.

Silver bowl with names of the Dionne quintuplets engraved around the rim. The faces of the five babies are embossed on the bottom of the bowl. Some rust has started to invade.



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