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Archive for April 21st, 2023

A Week-ish in Photos: 2023, Part 15

April 21, 2023

Monday, April 10: We usually get a big icicle hanging from the spot in our roof where our unit was joined to the rest of the condo building. Most years, it forms and falls off several times, but this year, it grew into a very stout column, then detached from the roof. With the warmer weather, Mr. Karen was worried it would weaken and crash down into the windows on the first floor, so he used his engineering skills to pull the bulk of it over into the snow below, then whacked at the stump with a softball bat until it was small enough to no longer pose a danger. I provided moral support from a second floor window (and went to fetch the bat when it became clear that would be necessary).

Large column of ice being pulled over by a yellow rope.

Tuesday, April 11: Walked down to the village to get the mail and saw this resort van parked behind the lodge. Wondering if they’re going to upgrade the wrap to reflect the newest logo, as the one on there now is not even the most recently retired one, but the one from before that one.

White passenger van with a faded wrap covering the sides with faded summer scenes printed on it. In the valley below there's a lake surrounded by snowy mountains.

Wednesday, April 12: Had snow flurries on the mountain when Mr. Karen and I left to drive across Washington to visit his sister Kathy and her family and take care of some business for Joan’s estate. The weather and traffic cooperated so well that we made it to a favorite conveyor belt sushi restaurant well before our usual half hour before closing time.

View from restaurant booth showing double decker conveyor belt for sushi and a column with colorful plates with prices mounted on it.

Thursday, April 13: Spring was sprung in western Washington. I enjoyed the flowers blooming in Kathy’s yard on my way to the car to head to the storage place. Mr. Karen and I spent much of the wrangling things in the storage units: pulling out furniture to be donated, sorting through boxes of Joan’s clothes and deciding what to do with those, rearranging things for easier access to the next set of boxes to be gone through.

Closeup of a blue violet hyacinth against a background of bright green leaves and grass.

Friday, April 14: These ribbons with stickers on the ends came out of one of the boxes of Joan’s music we were going through to see what to keep and what to donate and what wasn’t music at all. No one recognized them or knew what they had been for.

Wide satin ribbons in red, green, yellow, and blue, folded in half, with animal stickers affixed near the ends. Animals include tigers, giraffes, monkeys, hippos, birds, and one flower which I just noticed as I was writing this alt text.

Saturday, April 15: Going through some of the boxes of decorative china and glass items was on today’s agenda. So many pretty things that none of us have the inclination or space to hold onto.

Plate with a gold rim and a painted design of plums, leaves, and small white blossoms on a background that shades gently from green to turquoise to lilac to pale yellow.

Sunday, April 16: One more go at the storage unit for this trip, rearranging things again to make room for more stuff from the second storage unit. We weren’t quite able to get everything into one unit this trip, but we made a lot of progress. Back at Kathy’s house, we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset in the rain.

View of sunset off of a deck. There's a glass windchime in the left foreground.

Monday, April 17: Bonus day in this week’s photo diary entry so I could included the last day of the trip. We packed up our car with a filing cabinet, a bookcase, many boxes, plus the luggage we came with and headed home. I was unfortunately snoozing in the passenger seat when we crossed the Columbia River and the usually striking views there, but did snap this earlier in the journey, showing the pleasant weather we had for our drive.

View through the windshield from passenger seat of a car. The road is a two lanes wach way interstate with gentle hills rising up on the sides and puffy clouds in a blue sky.



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