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Archive for April 13th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 14

April 13, 2023

Monday, April 3: With the recent snow, the back window has been topped off. In other years, the snow has piled up right against the glass, but this year there’s been a gap so some light does get in.

Tall skinny window viewed from inside my house. There's snow piled up outside the whole height of the window.

Tuesday, April 4: Someone had fun altering this run name to fit the “famous potatoes” theme Idaho is known for. On the map, this run is Glade-iater.

Snowy scene with tall pine trees. One tree has a blue and white ski run trail sign reading Glade-tater.

Wednesday, April 5: It’s not going to be sandal weather here for some weeks yet, but that didn’t stop me from trying these on when I was going through the shoes I have stored in my studio in town.

Purple sandals with wide transparent straps, worn on my feet with blue toenail polish.

Thursday, April 6: When you look down and see that the ski used as part of the chairlift seat to bench conversion is the same vintage as the skis you’re using that very day.

Looking down at the snow. A leg with black ski pants and a cream and bronze ski boot rests next to a bench support that includes a stainless steel Volant ski tip.

Friday, April 7: When one of the gel nail strips you’re trying for the first time just pops off. I tried gluing it back on but that didn’t work well, as the edges lifted and caught on things. Just had to apply and cure a new strip with the LED light.

Clear nail strip with white snowflakes printed on it sitting on a faux wood tabletop.

Saturday, April 8: Last weekend of skiing for the season, so our Sunday to Friday passes were good for this particular Saturday, dubbed Passholder Appreciation Day by the resort.

Bearded man and nonbearded lady outfitted in ski helmets, goggles, and winter wear, smiling on a chairlift.

Sunday, April 9: The weather forecast had rain in it for the afternoon, so Mr. Karen and I rushed to get out in the morning for a few more runs to close out our season. I rushed so much I ended up wearing two different skis and didn’t notice until I headed down the hill for my first run. Oooops. Fortunately they skied similarly so I just went with it.

Looking down from a chairlift at three stainless steel skis on booted feet.



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