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Archive for April 10th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 13

April 10, 2023

Yes, I fell behind again. It’s gonna happen.

Monday, March 27: Mr. Karen adjusted the bindings of these garage sale Volant skis for me and I tried them out on the slopes. I liked them.

Me, suited up for skiing, standing next to a ski rack in the resort village next to a pair of stainless steel skis.

Tuesday, March 28: Bluebird day on the mountain.

Looking down a road toward a snow-covered ski mountain on a blue sky day.

Wednesday, March 29: Went to a fundraiser for the avalanche rescue dogs. The newest, Maisie, was there for her first at only 12 weeks old. The oldest dog, Annie, had recently had a heart attack while working on the mountain, making the need to have reserves on hand for vet bills even more pressing. Annie was there and enjoying all the attention.

Two dogs on leashes surrounded by people. One is a full grown yellow lab and the other is a black lab puppy.

Thursday, March 30: Making a tea I don’t like palatable by steeping with one I do.

Black mug with Chicago Cubs printed in red on the side, with a baseball mitt and ball underneath that, sitting on a yellow counter with two teabag wrappers, one Irish Breakfast, one Throat Coat.

Friday, March 31: Snowy day on the slopes.

Me suited up for skiing, standing in the village holding my skis with the clock tower behind me and snow-covered slopes behind that. Snowflakes are falling.

Saturday, April 1: So yeah, we had a lot of snow overnight.

Orange yellow crossover vehicle with about a foot of snow piled up on top of it, viewed from the passenger side. The black windshield wiper arms are sticking up out of the snow.

Sunday, April 2: The end of season pond skim had been canceled the day before due to a leak in the liner of the pond, but the cardboard derby went ahead as scheduled. The did have to stop the race and move the start during the first run after one too many of the sleds flew past the run out area (and through or over the extra fencing added to the run out area after the first sled went into the crowd gathered around the finish).

Grey boxy cardboard sled coming down a snowy ramp cut into a ski run. The sled is sideways and parts are flying off the back.



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