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Archive for March 11th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 9

March 11, 2023

Monday, February 27: Weather cleared enough that I was able to get to town to do some stuff. On the way home, I was unsurprised to have to wait for a train. The second train going the other direction, which you can just glimpse between cars of the closer one, was a bit more novel, though not unprecedented.

View of a train crossing at night through the windshield of a car. The red and white arm is across the traffic lane. The red lights of the signal are shining and giving a glow to the scene.

Tuesday, February 28: The snow in the back window continued to pile up. We’ve got some interesting shapes here, and things like icicles forming in the pocket between the glass and the snow, which I don’t recall happening before.

Tall window with snow piled up outside almost to the bottom of the blind pulled up to the top of the windowframe. The snow doesn't touch the glass in most places.

Wednesday, March 1: Mr. K and I went down to Spokane to pick up our friend Wendy who’d flown in to stay with us for her ski vacation. Another friend had gotten her from the airport so they could have lunch together, so we collected her from his office, which is in a beautiful old mansion that’s been repurposed at least twice but retains the beautiful details that modern buildings lack.

Side of a cream colored building showing windows with ornate trim around them

Thursday, March 2: Did some storm skiing with Wendy. Here she and Mr. K are plotting a course of action at the top of the mountain.

Two skiers standing near a ski trail marker sign in near whiteout conditions.

Friday, March 3: The storm passed and the view reappeared. The pole in the center of the frame is the same one featured in yesterday’s photo.

View from the top of a ski mountain, with a scattering of skiers on the snow, a lift station to the right, and a lake down in the valley below.

Saturday, March 4: These three folks were just a few of the many who decided to use the road in front of our house as a ski trail on this busy Saturday. Probably faster than waiting for the shuttle.

Three skiers sliding down the road as viewed from a window. Balcony railing in the foreground, the ski mountain in the background.

Sunday, March 5: Yes, I continue to be fascinated by the scene forming out my back window. The icicles are growing.

Looking out a window at icicles that have formed between the glass and the snowdrift that's piled up outside.



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