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Archive for March 3rd, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 8

March 3, 2023

Monday, February 20: I finally saw my brother for the first time since before the pandemic started. I was so happy.

My brother and me standing next to each other in a parking lot, smiling for the camera.

Tuesday, February 21: After all the travel and socializing, I was still negative for COVID so felt okay about getting on a plane for home.

White COVID-19 test card from BinaxNow.

Wednesday, February 22: Thanks to weather (and maybe lack of staff, though that was only hinted at), I wasn’t able to take my original flights home. A helpful agent was able to re-route me on better flights than the app had offered me, though it did involved going through Seattle with a very tight connection that I was afraid I’d miss. As it turned out, the flight out of Seattle was delayed, so I and my suitcase had plenty of time.

Looking out an airplane window which is mostly frosted over, though there is a clear spot through which an arrow on the wing can be seen.

Thursday, February 23: Home again. The snow was higher than when I left. The cold was more intense, too, so I did not go ski in all that snow.

A tall somewhat narrow window mostly covered up by the snow piled up outside it.

Friday, February 24: Beautiful views, but still bitterly cold. A good day to stay in and just admire the mountains through the windows.

Looking across a street to a tall pine tree, with snow covered mountains across the valley in the distance.

Saturday, February 25: The mountain brought in something called the Samuel Adams Air & Apres show, which involved skiers and snowboarders doing aerial tricks, a trampoline artist, projections on the snow, and some fireworks.

Large jump made of snow with an image projected on it. Two red fireworks bursts are exploding uphill from it.

Sunday, February 26: Wind scuplted drift outside my kitchen window.

Looking out a window at a gracefully curved snow drift.



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