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Archive for February 25th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 7

February 25, 2023

I intended to post this update yesterday but instead spent that time figuring out how to get this website working again. A WordPress add-on I’ve used for my archives page for years had failed, which WordPress interpreted as a critical error. Most of the pages on this website were locked behind an error message, including the admin login page I use to access my WordPress installation. By the time I went to bed (about an hour past when I’d planned), I’d managed to get the entry pages working again and could login to WordPress, but my archives page is still super wonky in appearance and function.

Monday, February 13: I always enjoy seeing the changing landscape out my back window. On this day, the wind had brought a spring of pine to decorate the snow.

Close up of a small pine branch with small pinecones resting on top a snow drift.

Tuesday, February 14: Finished the second hat just in time to pack it up for the trip to the event at which it’ll be in the charity raffle.

Knitted cap in strips of dark pink, light pink, and light purple placed flat on a black background.

Wednesday, February 15: Flew from Spokane to Chicago via Minneapolis. Disappointed at so few folks wearing masks. Happy my connection went smoothly.

View out an airplane window at night, showing the wing and a lit up grid of city streets below.

Thursday, February 16: Drove from Chicagoland to Green Bay in what proved to be a worse winter storm than I expected based on the forecast I’d studied the night before. I got through it fine and was even able to make my usual stop at the Cheese Castle.

Large sign for the Mars Cheese Castle against a winter sky.

Friday, February 17: Opening day of the “writer’s conference” that was the reason for this trip. It’s not so much a conference now as a gathering of friends. We had the opening ceremonies, a family style group dinner at a chicken hall, then Disney on Ice from a box (the hockey team we’ve seen in past years was on the road).

View of a ice show from a box high in one end of the rink. A line of blue genies from Aladdin are in the center with Goofy, the magic carpet, Aladdin, another Genie, and Donald Duck at various points on the ice around them.

Saturday, February 18: A full day of small group activities capped by another group dinner, this time down the street from the hotel in the common area of one of the locals’ apartment building. On the walk over, we got to enjoy the trees still adorned in their Valentine’s Day lights.

City street at night in winter with bare trees decorated in fairy lights in pink and red and white.

Sunday, February 19: The conference closed with the charity raffle. My hats were both won by the same person. I came away with a crocheted hat and scarf and mini octopus set and some other nice things.

Wooden box with strips of red and white raffle tickets piled on top of split wood for the fireplace.



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