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Archive for February 21st, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 6

February 21, 2023

So yes, I’ve fallen behind in my photo diary. Catching up starts today.

Monday, February 6: Like a lot of creative people, I accumulate notebooks. This one has an interesting sensory cover with squishy hexagons and glitter in a liquid filled plastic cover. You can squish the hexagons and slide them around a bit.

Close up of white and black hexagons with multicolored glitter, all under heavy clear plastic.

Tuesday, February 7: It looks pretty out there, but notice the drops of water on the top of the window. It’s wet. Not good for skiing.

View out of a tall narrow window showing a snow drift, small leafless bushes, and water droplets on the glass.

Wednesday, February 8: To the point on my hat project where I switched to double pointed needles to finish the top. So far so good.

Closeup of knitting project with pale birch double pointed needles holding stitches in green yarn separated by markers in orange, yellow, and hot pink.

Thursday, February 9: Another ski day with good views, even though it was cloudy up high.

View down a ski run dotted with folks sliding down the mountain. There's a lake in the valley below and more snow covered mountains on the other side.

Friday, February 10: Went down to the city to run errands and hang out with friends. Caught this beautiful sunset view alongside a store I stopped at.

Tall trees silhouetted against a blue and pink and orange sky. A corner of a rectangular commercial building shows at the right side of the frame.

Saturday, February 11: Mr. Karen is really dialing in his Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

Pizza topped with pepperoni in a black metal pan with about two-thirds of the pieces missing. A large red spatula sits in the pan in the empty area of the pan.

Sunday, February 12: Finished the green hat and started on a pink and lilac one.

Partially finished striped hat on steel circular knitting needles. The skeins of yarn are sitting in the background.



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