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Archive for February 8th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 5

February 8, 2023

Monday, January 30: Didn’t ski because it was very cold and there’d been no new snow, but Mr. K and I did bundle up and walk down to the village in the late afternoon to get the mail. Things were looking pretty picturesque.

View of a ski resort in the winter from across a small valley.

Tuesday, January 31: Another super cold day with no fresh snow, so I went down to my studio in town (Mr. Karen decided to ski). Sad to see this old trailer in the parking lot has had a roof cave in due to the snow load this winter. I had hoped someone was restoring this but it seems to be falling further into disrepair.

Snowy parking lot with a small camper trailer backed in to one of the spaces.

Wednesday, February 1: Back on the slopes. This sign at the top of one of the lifts really hit home, as the day before Mr. Karen had seen a coyote while skiing … twice.

Sign board  showing pictures of winter scenes at a ski resort awith a screen displaying a message warning of unusual coyote activity in the area.

Thursday, February 2: Due to the way the roof drains, a large icicle periodically forms and then breaks off and falls in one specific spot at the back of our house. Today, it was about at its maximum length, almost touching the snow one and half stories below. I tried to capture it by holding my phone out the back window sideways and doing a panoramic shot.

Building with cream color aluminum siding. A fat ice column is dripping off the roof and going past a window. There's snow on the ground and a tall pine tree in the middle distance.

Friday, February 3: Great day for views while skiing.

Me, suited up for skiing in helmet and goggles and neck gaiter and coat, standing at the top of the mountain with the valley below me

Saturday, February 4: Put on a fresh set of fake nails before heading down to the city for a bit of social time with friends. These are at the limit of comfortable length for me, perhaps a bit long for typing on my laptop and working my phone.

My hand with deep wood rose nails in an almond/oval shape.

Sunday, February 5: Pulled out my needles and yarn and reacquainted myself with knitting in order to start a hat for a charity raffle coming up at an event I’m going to.

Skeins of green yarn, some knitting on a circular needle, a note pad, a pen, a pattern printed off from the internet, all lying on a teal couch cushion



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