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Archive for January 23rd, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 3

January 23, 2023

Monday, January 16: Due to holiday crowds on the mountain and having some hotel points expiring at the end of the month, Mr. K and I took ourselves down south an hour or do for an overnight getaway. We found a new to us Indian/fusion restaurant that was very good. After the mango lassi and the butter chicken poutine, I finished only half of my entree. (Thank goodness for hotel rooms with mini fridges.) After dinner we took a dip in the hotel pool and lounged in their hot tub, but I didn’t take my phone (or camera) in there.

Rectangular aluminum pan with rounded corners piled with french fries topped with orange butter chicken sauce sitting on a black tabletop.


Tuesday, January 17: The hotel had a noon check-out time as well as breakfast until 9:30, so we were able to both eat and check out on time. This arty bike rack was out front but we hadn’t got a good look at it when we checked in in the dark the night before.

Metal bike rack in the shape of a fish. The head is painted blue and the body and tail alternate red and white.

Wednesday, January 18: Went to give blood and this numbered chair was in a corner of the bathroom. No idea where 1 through 6 were. Unlike the last time I’d tried to donate, my blood pressure was fine. It helped a lot that the space was big and fairly uncrowded.

Wooden chair in a warm light finish and the number 7 painted on the seat in light yellow. The chair is pushed into a corner of a room with slate blue painted walls and a warm medium brown faux marble finish floor.

Thursday, January 19: Enough folks had gone home that the slopes were almost back to normal weekday crowd levels, which is to say, uncrowded.

Me, wearing my plum ski helmet, goggles, and trusty lilac and plum coat, standing on a ski run with snow covered trees behind me.

Friday, January 20: Enjoyed my ski time so much that I didn’t walk home until it was getting dark, which mean I had a good view of the alpenglow from road behind the village.

Landscape. View into a valley where you can see part of lake. There are snowbanks and snow covered pine trees in the foreground. The sky shows pink along the mountain on the right side of the frame.

Saturday, January 21: We’ve had our new couch for a year and a half, and I’ve never really warmed to the grey fabric we chose as the closest to the original brown and grey one we wanted but which went out of stock before our order got to the top of the queue. It’s just so cold and dull. I finally addressed the issue with a teal slipcover, which coordinates nicely with the pillows. It’s a cheap slipcover, so the fit isn’t ideal, and the cushion covered didn’t, but fortunately the cushions fit under the main cover nicely. I like it. That big splash of color in the room makes me happy. I wish I’d pushed harder for a bolder color when we were deciding on the new couch in the first place.

Square pillow with a vaguely tribal design in taupe, navy, teal, orange, sage, and goldenrod sitting against the armrest of a couch covered in a teal slipcover with a grid pattern.

Sunday, January 22: Went to visit some friends and caught this sunset view as I pulled into their neighborhood.

Snowy flat landscape with dark pine trees and the sunset glowing orange behind them in the distance.



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