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Archive for January 18th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 2

January 18, 2023

Late this week with last week’s photos due to my schedule, such as it is, being disrupted and that throwing me all off.

Monday, January 9: Out on the slopes. Haven’t gotten nearly as many ski days in this year as some because … I’m not 100% sure why. Lack of vim, I guess.

White woman wearing a plum ski helmet, blue/purple lightly mirrored ski goggles, black fleece neck gaiter, and lilac ski coat, with ski slopes and a chair list and snow covered pine trees behind her.


Tuesday, January 10: Spent time in the studio playing with nail polish. These are all silver, yes, but not all the same.

Closeup of a nail wheel showing seven different silver polishes swatched. Numbers are written in the center of the wheel, above the individual tips.

Wednesday, January 11: Sad to see that yet another area that used to be open for skiing is going to be lost to real estate development. It was fun to swoop down this section above the village but now it’s roped off and lots are marked. I guess that’s progress.

Snow covered ski slope with some pine trees in the background and some tracks in the snow. There's a red rope strung across the snow with a sign on one of the posts about getting one's pass taken away if the rope is ducked. There's a wooden post with a lot number behind the rope.

Thursday, January 12: Spent some time in the studio poking at the boxes. So many things I’ll have to get rid of. I saved these thread spools and buttons from my mom’s house but given how little I sew now, why am I hanging on to them?

Looking through a slightly cloudy plastic container to thread spools and a plastic bag of loose buttons.

Friday, January 13: It rained, so Mr. K and I did not ski. It stopped, so we walked down to get the mail and got to see the lake in the valley covered in fog.

Landscape. View into a valley where the lake is covered in fog. There's a parking lot in the middle ground about half filled with vehicles of people who came to the ski resort on this wet and grey day.

Saturday, January 14: A torchlight parade and fireworks were part of the holiday weekend celebration at the resort. We watched from the street in front of our condo.

Mountain village at a ski resort at night, with a white and blue firework blast in the sky.


Sunday, January 15: While we weren’t looking, someone dug a small cave in the snow along the side of our driveway.

Snow bank along a snow covered driveway with a small rectangular opening dug into it. There are ski runs in the background.



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