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Archive for January 9th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 1

January 9, 2023

Yes, this week has eight days. Similar to how the last one in 2022 had six.

Sunday, January 1: Mr. K and I mostly spent the day inside, avoiding the holiday week crowds on the mountain. We did walk down the village to get some fresh air and pick up the mail we’d not gotten the day before. Even on a busy day, there are still places to find quiet and natural beauty, like on this path we took for part of our walk, where a small stream was encroached on by snow and ice.

Close up of a small creek in winter, with snow encroaching from the banks and ice coating the branches that are drooping over the water.

Monday, January 2: All the vehicles of the holiday week visitors departed, leaving only the mountain shuttle van that got into some sort of accident. When we see our former next door neighbor that knows everyone and everything mountain-related, we’ll ask him what happened. After I took this photo, a flat bed tow truck came and removed the van.

View out a window in a mountain neighborhood in winter. Across the street, a dark grey van is parked nose out; it has a large dent in the front bumper and hood. In the distance, snow covered mountains can be seen.


Tuesday, January 3: Got back to skiing after my holiday break. It felt good.

White woman wearing a plum ski helmet, mirrored ski goggles, light yellow fleece neck gaiter, and lilac ski coat, with snow covered pine trees behind her.

Wednesday, January 4: Had to go down to town, and decided I also had to stop at this viewpoint on the mountain road because the air was so clear and the mountains across the way so visible.

Landscape in winter, looking down from a mountain to the lake in the valley below and more snow-covered mountains across the way.

Thursday, January 5: The views were so entrancing from the mountain today that I stopped multiple times to take pictures (yes, to go with the hundreds … maybe thousands? … I’ve taken over the years, but the clouds were never exactly like this before) and had trouble choosing just one photo to represent the day.

Winter mountain landscape. Pine trees encrusted with snow in the foreground. Dramatic cloudy sky backlit by late day sun. Hints of soft orange color along the distant horizon.

Friday, January 6: They changed the label on my dates. And no, it’s not just the difference between whole and pitted; all the boxes used to have the mostly green label. I think the new one is better in that the type is more prominent. We likely ended up with the pitted ones because I grabbed them quickly and failed to notice that they weren’t the whole kind we prefer.

Two green translucent plastic boxes of dates sitting side by side on a yellow counter, viewed from the top. The one on the left has a red and green label; the one on the right has a mostly green label with red accents.

Saturday, January 7: Went down to the city to hang out with friends. Driving home, I was stopped at a light with this view of the back of some holiday decorations.

Looking out a car window at the entrance of a city building. In the center of the frame, there is a trio of large snowflake decorations with white lights glowing.

Sunday, January 8: Yes, my Christmas tree is still up. Yes, I am still enjoying it.

Closeup of an artificial Christmas tree branch with two small lights and a pinecone.



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