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Archive for December 4th, 2022

Festive Decor

December 4, 2022

The big Christmas tree in the village has made several appearances in my journal during holidays. In 2015, it was tall and skinny. In 2017, it was shorter and wider. In 2021, the aspect ratio was similar to 2017, though the shape was a bit more shaggy. I’m sure those aren’t the only three instances I’ve used it as a handy subject. Today, it’s back, but there’s news. It’s not a real tree this year. Instead of a trunk, there’s a stand that supports the whole circumference of the tree at the bottom.

Base village in a ski resort with a tall Christmas tree decorated in blue and white lights in the center

I know it looks like there is a trunk under there, but that’s the legs of a child who has crawled under there with (I assume) a sibling; their legs are visible to the right of the “trunk”. Looks like it’s both a tree and a playhouse this year.


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