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Archive for October 31st, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 43

October 31, 2022

Monday, October 24: Mr. K arrived home after his solo road trip portion of the trip we started together in mid-September. He brought a friend: the Mickey Mouse balloon we’d gotten at Walt Disney World near the end of our time there. It had accompanied him up the east coast then to Michigan (both metro Detroit and up north) before making the cross country drive to Idaho. I wonder what it thought about all that, and about the snow that greeted it up here on the mountain.

White Mickey Mouse balloon with a transparent iridescent oval outer balloon. One ear of the Mickey balloon is partially deflate and it's floating in front of w window with a view of a snowy mountain neighborhood


Tuesday, October 25: Got a glimpse of the lake on my walk home from the village. Noticed one of the snowcats in the parking lot, its treads not yet on but guessing they will be soon. Winter is coming.

View of a lake down in the valley with low clouds hanging over it. Dirt parking lot in the middle distance with a white snow cat sitting next to the rolls of its treads that are yet to be put on for the season.

Wednesday, October 26: Looking pretty snowy out my back window. This won’t last but it’s nice to look at while it’s here.

Snowy landscape with a pine tree on the left side of the frame and low brush and small trees filling the rest of the foreground. Some have yellow leaves that had not yet fallen before the snow arrived.

Thursday, October 27: Fall and winter both represented in one scene on my walk to the village.

Looking up at a ski mountain lightly dusted with snow. The peak is covered by low hanging clouds. There are two trees with bright yellow leaves in the foreground next to some mountain style condos.

Friday, October 28: I did not take any pictures, but I did follow a link from Facebook and go to the Merriam-Webster site to see what words were added in the year I was born and take this screenshot of the end of the list. Interesting to see which of these are still in common use and which I don’t recall ever seeing before.

Screenshot of webpage with list of dictionary words including tight end, unchoreographed, and zip code

Saturday, October 29: Went down to the city for a Halloween party at some friends’ house.

Tall brown wooden fence decorated with orange light up letters spelling out Happy Halloween with lit ghosts on either side of the message and a string of white ghost shaped lights underneath the letters.

Sunday, October 30: No photos today either. I did a fair bit of coloring in my app since there are so many Halloween pictures, like this one of a demon (maybe?) with their vampire cat (maybe?).

Screenshot of a page from a coloring book app showing a demon with horns and a vampire cat sitting on its head



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