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Archive for October 17th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 41

October 17, 2022

Monday, October 10: Had to take my car in for some work, which meant I had a few hours to wander around, which led me to this unused loading dock behind what used to be our JCPenney store.

Loading dock with two truck bays and a set of stairs in between them, with weeds growing  across the driveway


Tuesday, October 11: My favorite view again, this time with me in it.

White woman with white hair and glasses with a ridge of mountains at sunset in the background

Wednesday, October 12: Took some time to swatch nail polish for my blog for the first time in quite a while.

White hand in front of several nail polish bottles with different bright colors on each finger and blue latex around the border of the nail on the index finger

Thursday, October 13: Cool enough now to want to cuddle under a blanket on the couch.

Pale green and white fuzzy blanket covering legs on a hassock

Friday, October 14: This sign was on the door of the hospital building the blood drive was being held in. When I got to the small room where it was taking place, I notice only two masks, one on my face, one on that of another donor. It was a small room for the number of people in it, with no signs of any particular effort to provide fresh air circulation. I was aggravated and anxious about the lack of precautions given the risks of long COVID—so much so my blood pressure was too high to donate for the first time ever.

Glass door with sign stating masks required

Saturday, October 15: Spotted a caboose on my drive to the studio, one that seemed to still be in use for some railroad purpose. They’re so rare I pulled over to snap a photo.

View out a passenger side car window of a green and yellow caboose on a railroad track

Sunday, October 16: A band of wildfire smoke drifting through my favorite view.

View across a mountain valley with a band of orange brown smoke above the horizon



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