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Archive for October 14th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 40

October 14, 2022

Monday, October 3: Last day in the parks and we packed a lot in: breakfast at Animal Kingdom Lodge then on to Animal Kingdom, then Magic Kingdom, then Epcot just to ride Guardians of the Galaxy during the bonus hours for deluxe hotel guests.

Firework exploding over a stone wall with turrets


Tuesday, October 4: Time for me to fly home.

View out an airplane window at night over a city


Wednesday, October 5: Home on my mountain again.

View of a ski mountain in fall


Thursday, October 6: This little bear wandered around the side of the house, sniffed the boat trailer, then ambled off across the street.

Small brown bear sniffing the front of a boat trailer


Friday, October 7: Stopped at the studio on my way down to the city to hang out with friends. I think the person who planted these sunflowers next to the parking lot is no longer renting in the building my studio is in but the beauty of them remains.

Closeup of small sunflower in a garden bed


Saturday, October 8: The work in the village is coming along, with bench tops being installed on parts of the concrete planters next to the new hotel. I’m still not sure what’s going on with the dark pavers being grouped along the edges of the walk rather than scattered like they were in the walkways installed earlier.

Paver walkway and benches


Sunday, October 9: My favorite view with an orange moonrise enhanced by the wildfire smoke still in the air.

Orange moon rising over a mountain valley



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