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Archive for October 10th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 38

October 10, 2022

Monday, September 19: Sometimes on road trips, the best photo of the day is a blurry landscape out a dirty car window. This shot in Nebraska shows Chimney Rock, one of the landmarks along the Oregon Trail. In its glory days, it was even taller than it is now.

Western landscape shot through through a car windshield featuring a pointy rock formation some ways across a field


Tuesday, September 20: Our hotel in Grain Valley, Missouri had a fancy chandelier in the lobby which was best viewed in the morning from the balcony section of the second floor hallway. I appreciated this bit of character in a mid-priced chain hotel.

Chandelier with round crystals hanging from strings to form a planet shape

Wednesday, September 21: Woke up in Anitoch, Tennessee knowing we’d have to make it through Atlanta later that day. Our timing was not ideal and we hit traffic (though unless it’s the middle of the night I don’t know if it’s possible to not hit traffic). The navigation system routed us around some of it onto surface streets that were also packed. By the time we were crawling along the on ramp getting back to the freeway, I was 100% ready to be done with Atlanta.

View out a car window of an on ramp to a crowded freeway with tall buildings in the background

Thursday, September 22: Having made it to Lake City, Florida, the night before, we had just a couple of hours left to drive to our destination, which we did via a route that took us to the outlet mall first and included a stop at a rest area that had some interesting fish in an aquarium.

Skinny silvery grey fish with a long nose area

Friday, September 23: Got on a cruise ship for the first time since 2004. The ship in question was the Disney Wish, the newest in the Disney fleet. The spur to get on the boat was a podcast we listen to sponsoring a group on this sailing, with special events just for the group scattered throughout the schedule.

Red flag with blue and white design flying from a white pole on a cruise ship

Saturday, September 24: The ship docked in Nassau, but Mr. K and I stayed on the boat. We enjoyed some of the ship’s amenities, attended a podcast taping, and watched another ship leave the harbor before we or the other boat docked next to us did.

View from a cruise ship of two other cruise ships, one docked along the left side and one turning in the harbor ahead

Sunday, September 25: Today’s port was the cruise line’s private island, and we did get off the boat, after doing a walking tour of some of the art on the ship. Once off, we did some snorkeling, ate some lunch, and finished off with Mr. K doing a bit of sailing.

View from a beach with a cruise ship in the distance



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