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Archive for August 23rd, 2022

A Week-ish in Photos: 2022, Part 32

August 23, 2022

Monday, August 8: Playing around with my phone camera. I think this was the “stage light mono” setting in portrait mode. Not sure why I have one sleepy eye. Maybe it’s always that way.

black and white portrait of a middle aged white woman with long hair

Tuesday, August 9: The thimbleberries are starting to ripen. I’ve never picked these in any quantity. They don’t seem to grow in patches the way huckleberries do around here.

Bunch of thimbleberries on the plant, most pale and not yet ripe with a few ripe red ones

Wednesday, August 10: I know it looks like the sun here, but it’s the moon, full and so beautiful I pulled over to snap its picture on my drive to the studio to drop off some things and pick up some other things I needed for the trip I was packing for this day.

The moon glowing through clouds with pine trees silhouetted on either side of it

Thursday, August 11: Flew to Detroit via Salt Lake City. So few people wearing masks. I did see one guy wearing an elastomeric respirator and wanted to be his friend. At least I had nice views from my window seat to distract myself from all the potential COVID in the airplane.

collage of four views out a plane window

Friday, August 12: My craft conference didn’t start until later in the day, so I visited some favorite spots in metro Detroit, including this shoe store which pretty much always has too much stock for the space. I can relate.

Shoe store with boxes stacked on all available shelf space

Saturday, August 13: During lunch break, went to an African restaurant with an old friend I’d met up with at the conference and two of their friends. The food was so good. I was happy to see they were still in business. I miss the variety of restaurants in southeast Michigan.

Plate of food with fish topped with onions, with sides of corn salad, fried plantains, and lentils

Sunday, August 14: Today’s lunch break took the same group of us as yesterday to Mexicantown.

Mural on the side of a Mexican restaurant dominated by a monarch butterfly wing

Monday August 15: (Yes, this means 8 days for this week’s entry. I wanted my whole trip to be together.) I checked out of the hotel, had my favorite Detroit-style pizza for lunch, took a COVID test to make sure I could fly in good conscience (I’d tested before the conference for the same reason), returned the rental car, and flew home via Minneapolis. I got to the airport in Detroit with enough time to take the light and sound tunnel over to the B & C gates, even though my plane was leaving from A concourse. I just like the tunnel. There’s a button now so people can turn the lights and sounds off. I didn’t try it.



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