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Archive for August 19th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 31

August 19, 2022

Monday, August 1: Picked my first huckleberries of the season. This is the latest start I’ve gotten since I started paying attention to which spots ripened when. We had a cool spring, so maybe that’s what’s kept them from being ready until now. (Though since I was gone the two weeks before, perhaps they were ready then and I just wasn’t around to see.)

Open palm with one purple huckleberry nestled in it

Tuesday, August 2: Looking at the progress in the village that happened while we were away. This area used to be a small parking lot for hotel guests, with a metal bridge and stairs down to the village level. Now it’s been regraded and paved and spruced up with landscaping.

Looking down a driveway toward a four story hotel. The landscaping around the concrete is still in progress.

Wednesday, August 3: Hiked a trail that we’ve often found great huckleberries along in prior years. We found some, but nothing like the bounty of the past. The view spots are still great, though.

View from a mountain trail looking out at a lake

Thursday, August 4: Preparing for a big birthday in our house. Big enough to spend the money on the special candles.

Birthday candles in the shape of numbers 6 and zero sitting on top of cake mix boxes

Friday, August 5: More birthday preparations. Guess I could have sprung for special wrapping paper, too, instead of using whatever we had around (which included an old road atlas). But this approach has more character, I suppose.

Wrapped presents, some in gift bags, sitting on a table

Saturday, August 6: The condo association hasn’t had the weeds whacked around the building yet this summer. The deer are enjoying browsing for greens, and I’m enjoying spotting them out my windows.

Mule deer with small velvety horns eating weeds viewed through a window

Sunday, August 7: Working on re-learning the friendship knot while waiting for a friend to meet me for tea.

Plastic cup with orange tea in it and a knot tied from paracord in the foreground



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