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Archive for August 5th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 29

August 5, 2022

Monday, July 18: Mr. Karen and I hit the road heading for Illinois. We chose the more rural and scenic path for the first part of our journey, stopping for a picnic lunch in Paradise, Montana, with the view shown here. We passed through some wildfire smoke around dusk and made it to Billings for our first night.

Landscape with dry yellow grass in the foreground, a two  lane blacktop road and a few small houses in the middle, and rocky hills in the background


Tuesday, July 19: Drove through the rest of Montana. Made a stop at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where a stiff breeze made the heat tolerable. Pushed to make it into Minnesota and stopped for the night in Fergus Falls.

Landscape with greenery in the foreground, a blue sky with scattered clouds, and tan and red brown hills

Wednesday, July 20: On our journey from Minnesota to Illinois, we stopped in Wisconsin at my favorite cheese shop there. It hadn’t occurred to me to squeeze the cheese before, but some people must or this sign wouldn’t exist.

Sign reading Don't Squeeze the Cheese hanging above a refrigerated case

Thursday, July 21: Enjoyed some moments of calm at the house we rented to serve as a home base for the family.

View of a backyard and the river beyond from perspective of a woman who has put her feet up on a glass table and is looking through a metal railing

Friday, July 22: We had the memorial service for my mother-in-law Joan. This was in the same church, the same sanctuary where Mr. Karen and I got married lo so many years ago. I think she would have enjoyed the service, which featured music from the bell and voice choirs she herself was a part of during her time in service to that church as the minister’s wife.

Four stained glass windows with scroll designs in shades of orange with purple, blue, yellow, and green accents

Saturday, July 23: Since we had family gathered already, we had a reunion at the rental house. Bella the dog had to stay outside since it wasn’t our house and we hadn’t paid the pet upcharge, but she seemed happy enough (she did get carried inside for the group photo).

Brown dog with white paws looking up at the camera with her tongue out

Sunday, July 24: With most of the family on their way back home, had a quieter day in the rental house. I took the time to walk the grounds again, looking at things like this abandoned wooden dock/walkway by the river.

Weathered wooden walkway by a river with weeds growing up between the slats



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