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Archive for August 1st, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 28

August 1, 2022

July 11: Somehow the only photo I took on this day was this shot of one of the lamps above our breakfast bar. No one even ate at the breakfast bar.

Yellow orange glass lampshade on a pendant light


July 12: I walked down to get the mail while Mr. K and our guest were relaxing after mountain biking. It took me longer than usual because I stopped often to look at all the wildflowers blooming along the way.

Collage of photos of mountain wildflowers in white and yellow and pinkish red

July 13: Took a hike with Mr. K and our guest on her last full day here. The bear grass was putting on a show.

Collage with three images of beargrass blooms in different stages

July 14: Years ago I set up a system for house chores housed in this card file box. I never really used it as intended, and now am down to one card I use regularly. For that one task, it works well.

Lilac card file box with tabs and cards peeking up over the edge of the box

July 15: Walked down to the village to get the mail and found they were still working on the new condo building even though it was evening time.

Building under construction with a tall crane and as well as a Genie lift

July 16: Enjoyed a day at Winefest in the village with Mr. K’s sister Kathy and her husband, who’d arrived late the night before.

Wine glass held in a hand with ski lift and lake in the background

July 17: Kathy and her husband left to start their road trip, and Mr. K and I stayed home from Winefest to pack for our road trip. I did take some time out in the afternoon to go hang out with friends in town for a couple hours. Had to wait for two trains to pass at the same time when I headed home. The stacked containers were moving in one direction and the train cars on the second track were heading in the other.

Trains passing each other at a road crossing



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