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Archive for July 15th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 26

July 15, 2022

June 27: Alpenglow at dusk over the lake and main village parking lot, which is a construction site for the second (or is it third?) summer in a row.

View of construction staging area with trees and lake in the distance at twilight so the sky is painted in pastel blue and orange


June 28: Drove to western Washington to do some family stuff with my sister-in-law Kathy and her crew. Snapped this at a rest area before heading over the mountain pass on our route. They grow some big trees over there.

Landscape with large pine trees, blue sky and clouds, with a picnic table under one tree that shows how very large some of the trees are

June 29: Kathy’s house is a great place to watch the sunset.

Sunset with pine trees on left of frame, blue sky and puffy clouds at top, rooftops, on bottom, and orange glow of sun in between

June 30: Having exhausted the photos at Kathy’s house, Mr. K and I spent a few hours unpacking and repacking Joan’s storage unit to find photo albums to get more content for her memorial service slide show.

Yellowed photo album page with black and white photos dated 1954

July 1: We drove home on an alternate route in order to avoid Seattle traffic at the start of the holiday weekend. We still got caught in a very long backup on the alternate route but only that one and when past it, we had smooth sailing and different scenery than usual to look at.

View out passenger side of windshield of two lane blacktop road with bluffs in the distance

July 2: Had a visitor in the side yard.

Mule deer standing near the side of a house viewed out a window

July 3: Spent time in my studio playing with nail polish but instead of any of those pictures (some of which will eventually show up on my nail blog), I’m using this cropped version of an accidental screenshot I took of my Happy Color app, since I spend a fair bit of time coloring and think it should be represented in this diary.

Cropped screenshot of a color by number app picture



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