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Archive for June 24th, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 20

June 24, 2022

May 16: Had breakfast at our favorite hotel, the Polynesian, then visited the Magic Kingdom, where we happened to show up during the afternoon parade. We headed out to have dinner at a different hotel (you take the reservations when you can get them) before calling it a night.

Mechanical dragon breathing fire during a parade at a theme park


May 17: An Epcot day, revisiting favorite attractions and just enjoying the ambience before seeing the Harmonious show from a different vantage point that the previous time. We had to stake out our spot in Japan a while before, and had to wait out a rain delay, but it was fine.

View at sunset of a shoji gate in a theme park

May 18: Back to Hollywood Studios where we finally after I don’t know how many trips managed to ride Slinky Dog Dash.

Steel roller coaster painted in primary colors

May 19: Here our trip took an unplanned turn, when Mr. K felt sick enough that he needed to stay at the condo. I tested myself for COVID and came up negative, so went out shopping for a while. I treated myself to a 50th anniversary soft serve cone.

Blue ice cream cone with blue soft serve and a vanilla Mickey Mouse hat

May 20: Mr. K was feeling a bit better but tested for COVID and was positive, so that was not great. I was still negative, so I went out for more tests and also got supplies to make a Corsi-Rosenthal box so we could do as much as possible to keep me healthy. Mr. K assembled that while I went to Epcot and enjoyed a progressive lunch that was interrupted by having to hole up indoors during a rainstorm. It was odd to be in the park on my own.

Colorful flower beds in a theme park

May 21: COVID tests had same results as yesterday. Mr. Karen made a shroud for our C-R box, which we ran 24 hours a day.

Corsi-Rosenthal box with cardboard fan shroud

May 22: We marked our last night at Disney World with an excursion to watch the Electrical Water Pageant and fireworks from the beach at the Polynesian. We stayed masked and away from other people and went to the less popular beach when the more popular one started to get too full for our risk profile.

Fireworks exploding over a lake



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