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Archive for June 22nd, 2022

A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 19

June 22, 2022

May 9: Our trio’s park of the day was Disney’s Hollywood Studios, focusing on the Star Wars stuff but getting in some other attractions, too.

View looking up at buildings with a worn industrial space age finish to blue sky with white fluffy clouds


May 10: On our last day with Ben, we visited both Animal Kingdom and Epcot, finishing the night with Harmonious on the World Showcase lagoon.

Looking out over a lake at night to a show featuring projection screens, lights,, and fireworks

May 11: Took Ben to the airport for his flight home, then Mr. Karen and I spent a leisurely day not going to any theme parks. We did do some shopping, but nothing too ambitious, just Target and one store at the outlet mall. Mostly we relaxed from our three days of serious touring. This view is from the balcony in our rental condo. We’ve stayed in this complex three times now.

View from a screened in balcony to a small pond at dusk

May 12: Back to theme park-ing, just the two of us. We spent time in both Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom. I was happy to come across DiVine for a second time this trip.

Performer dressed in a costume covered in vines posing next to greenery

May 13: Spent some time in Epcot but didn’t try to do a lot or stay very late. We mostly just enjoyed some of the Flower & Garden festival offerings.

Topiaries of the Three Caballeros from the Disney cartoon

May 14: Started our day with a meal at one of the hotels, then visited Hollywood Studios park before taking an ice cream break at a different hotel. Since we did so much intense touring the first few days, we weren’t feeling any pressure to get anything in particular done, so I was free to watch the lizards if I felt like it. And I did.

Small brown lizard on a path made of wooden boards

May 15: Another hotel meal to kick off our day, then spent a bit of time at Animal Kingdom. Since the hotel we started at was Animal Kingdom Lodge, it was a fairly well themed day. There was even a vulture in front of our condo building to greet us when we got back, completing the animal motif.

Two zebras grazing



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