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Archive for April 19th, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 15

April 19, 2022

I delayed this week’s entry by a day since yesterday I drove most of the day coming home from a long weekend away. [CONTENT WARNING: feet]

April 11: Went to the studio to mess around for a while and stopped at the grocery store to grab lunch. Saw this display there; the bunny is not made from boxes but is printed to look like it was.

Grocery store display of bubbly water boxes with large printed Easter bunny


April 12: Decided to go dramatic and paint my toes black, but still had to add a little glitter on top (which barely shows here). This is pre-cleanup, obviously.

Feet with black painted toes in black flip flops with facial tissue used as toe separators

April 13: Mr. Karen and I cleaned out our ski locker then went to town and got our 2nd COVID boosters, going with Moderna this time after 3 Pfizer doses. I’m still masking in public though most folks around here aren’t and haven’t been for a while.

Woman with bright blue hair and less bright blue eyes wearing a black KF94 mask

April 14: State of the mountain. Enough snow to still be skiing, but I’m not energetic enough to hike up like some people do. (Also, that’d be trespassing.) Took this in the morning before I left to pick up a friend and drive to Portland for a weekend conference.

Snow covered mountain with ski runs cut into the trees

April 15: Lularoe is an awful company, but I still wear this shirt of theirs I got on ebay because I think it’s cute.

Woman wearing a rust tee shirt printed with a rope design that has heart shaped knots

April 16: Driving around on a lunch break from the conference, saw this hotel with unusual architecture. So different than the generic boxes that get built now.

Hotel with architecture that recalls buildings in Asia

April 17: It being Easter Sunday, dinner options after the conference closed were limited, so that’s how I ended up at a drugstore, buying food there to heat up in my hotel room.

Neon sign for a drug store

April 18: Flowers in the rain the morning I left Portland (well, technically Vancouver Washington where my hotel was, just across the river).

Pink blossoms on a tree



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