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Archive for March 25th, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 11

March 25, 2022

Mostly, I’m glad I decided to to these photo a day diary posts, as it gets me at least some documentation of how I’ve spent my days in a place that’s under my control (unlike doing it on Flickr). One downside is that it’s harder for me to do the type of trip reports I’ve done in the past. I could still do them, of course, and did sort of manage it for my January trip, but my brain struggles with motivation on this. Once I’ve gone through the photos to select the one for each day, I feel like I’m done. Sure, there’s more story for the trip, but it’s on to the days after. Not sure how I’ll deal with this. Right now, I want to catch up with the dailies so this coming Monday I can be on track with my desired schedule again.

March 17: Celebrated my birthday belatedly with cake and presents. Lots of presents, because it was a big birthday. I’m 60 now apparently. Doesn’t feel as momentous as I thought it would/should.

present wrapped in paper printed with pansies in pink, purple, blue, orange, and yellow with a shiny purple bow on top


March 18: Relaxed at home and took only one photo, this shot of the bottom of two nail polish bottles because I hadn’t had a chance to add them to my spreadsheet yet and wanted to have a reference so I wouldn’t accidentally buy them again when I went to town. Not a great photo or a great subject but sure does illustrate one of those tiny details in life that often fades away from memory.

Bottom labels on two nail polish bottles being held in a hand

March 19: Went down to the city for a friends’ belated St. Patrick’s Day party. The exit ramp from the freeway was backed up more than usual, which gave the the opportunity to snap a photo of this restaurant sign, which I appreciate for its throwback vibe and clever highlighting of the word “Food”. This has character in a world of chain eateries.


March 20: Another day when hung out at home and took very few photos. This one documents the time I spent working on recovering the photos I accidentally deleted from my camera that I mentioned in my previous entry. This is the thumbnail of the one photo I couldn’t recover. Yes, it could show me the whole image in thumbnail but the full size was not able to be restored. It looks like this.

Computer screen showing thumbnail image of a landscape photo and some details about the file



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