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Archive for February 14th, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 6

February 14, 2022

February 7: Mr. K and I didn’t ski and didn’t get around to walking down to get the mail until it was getting dark, and then we decided to take the route that doesn’t go through the main part of the village so we wouldn’t have to take off our Yak Trax. All that combined to mean we saw the view of the new hotel, all lit up inside. First time we’d seen that; it really shows off the pattern of the windows that get narrower as they get to the far end.

Three story hotel at night with golden light shining out of the windows


February 8: No new snow but I’m still happy to be skiing.

Close up of white woman in ski wear including helmet standing on a ski slope


February 9: The new hotel had a bit of a stealth opening—no big announcement, just a short mention buried in the snow report. Mr. Karen and I went over to see what we could see. Despite being open and having guests in some of the rooms, it wasn’t completely finished; we ran into construction workers in some of the spaces that they were still working on. The overall aesthetic was mostly devoid of color, awash in greys and browns and white as it the fashion now. This art piece by Rachael Mayer on one of the lobby walls was one of the few exceptions.

Art piece in yellow green fabric and clay


February 10: Spent some time in the studio and happened to look out and catch this beautiful light out the front window there.

View of a cloud bank in a valley in winter


February 11: Pretty much a bluebird day on the mountain.

View from the top of a ski mountain with a lake in the valley


February 12: I woke up unusually early, in time to see the glow of sunrise from my seat on the couch.

View of sunrise out a window with a mountain range in the distance


February 13: Sunset on the road from the passenger seat.

Sunset viewed out the windshield of a car going down the freeway



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