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Archive for February 7th, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 5

February 7, 2022

January 31: The new hotel continues to get closer to being done and ready to open; the sign with its previously-announced name went up this week. It will take a while for me to adjust to this dark presence where once there was open space.

Hotel under construction, four story building surrounded by chain link fence


February 1: A single rubber duckie made from snow sat on a ledge near where I was picking up my mail. Not entirely surprising, as some of the lifties display ducks (usually rubber/plastic ones) by the lift houses (or in one case, on a lift tower), but this one wasn’t by a lift.

Snow molded into the shape of a rubber duckie sitting on a ledge


February 2: Went down to Spokane for a class and stopped in at a store on the way, where I was tempted by these llama toys in the seasonal section. Resisted, as I have an excess of stuffed animals I don’t interact with as it is.

Four stuffed llama toys on a shelf, three crème and one lilac


February 3: Had a quiet day at home, so this oft gazed upon view was the most interesting photo to be had. The clouds were blotting out the view of the mountains across the valley but forming a faux mountain range themselves.

View of a cloud bank in a valley in winter


February 4: It was another day of storm skiing. I snapped this in late afternoon when I stopped for a quick break before making my last runs of the day.

White woman with blue hair and snow-encrusted ski wear seen from the chest up


February 5: Spent the day in the studio playing with nail polish and otherwise messing around. Caught the sunset out the back window. Better to have an obstructed view than no view at all.

View of sunset obstructed by the roof of a building in the foreground


February 6: Another quiet day at home avoiding the weekend crowds on the slopes. I noticed some nice alpenglow over the mountain and thought to snap a panoramic photo from the bedroom window, but things went awry. This ooops makes me smile, so I’m sharing it rather than the more proper photo of the view I managed.



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