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Archive for January 29th, 2022

Stuff I Looked at on My Recent Trip

January 29, 2022

I don’t usually post on weekends (unless it’s Holidailies) but today I am because there were a few more photos from my trip to western Washington that I wanted to share before the next weekly photo entry on Monday. Someday I’ll do more text-rich entries. Regarding this trip, I don’t think some of the words I’d otherwise write are my story to tell. I’m not a central character. It’s not my mother who has dementia. I’ve not been asked to tell this story. But the scenery, that is mine to share, starting with this photo I took of the real, true pointy mountains, which were a rare treat to see since it’s usually dark and/or cloudy when we hit this stretch of the drive over. I wonder if mountains would make my heart expand if I’d grown up in their shadow, if they’d still speak to me the way they do as a person who grew up surrounded by Illinois corn fields.

View from passenger seat of an interstate with other vehicles in the foregroung and snow capped mountains in the distance


This is view from the guest room we stayed in at my sister-in-law’s. They’ve got a nice big house with a nice big view. Maybe they’ll let us live in their basement when we’re done living on our mountain, since I don’t think we’ll be able to afford a view like this when we move on to the next stage of retirement. (Though by the time we do that, living near the top of a long hill when the bus stop is at the bottom will probably not be a good situation, since we can’t drive forever and while I’d like to think I’ll stay active, I’m not sure walking uphill with groceries is going to be in my wheelhouse then.)

View out a window with pine trees in the foreground and city lights in the distance

Here’s another view of that rainbow I chose another photo of for my picture of the day. I think I spend more time looking out windows than most people. This time it paid off with seeing this rainbow, though what caught my eye first was the way the light was reflecting off the other wing of the building. I only saw the rainbow when I stood up and got closer.

View out a window of a partial rainbow with a faint double


Finally, this scene which I shot at a rest area we often stop at thanks to its placement. The wind turbines are there for a reason; it’s very breezy there quite a lot. On this day, though, it was calm, and the mist was hanging around in the low spots, and it was quiet. I wanted to remember it. Find beauty where you can, even at a highway rest stop.

Landscape with wind turbines, rolling hills, and mist in the low spots

Gallery of photos from this trip is here. There’s a good doggo and some bedding plants that would freeze their roots off if they were here where I live and more mountains. I’m still not happy with this gallery solution but not feeling like revisiting the issue again right now. I think the best way to navigate these is clicking on photo in upper left and then using arrows to go through them in order.


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