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Snowy Snow Snow

January 29, 2018

Yeah, I still haven’t made my 2018 resolutions. I’ve been too busy skiing. We’re having a crazy good year for snow, with 263 inches so far. To put that in perspective, the historical average for a full season here is 300 inches. Since I last posted here, there’s been more than four feet of snow. It’s everywhere.

Almost buried bench


Snow cloak




Snow too heavy, can't hold up head


Below freezing, yet I'm warm

When the snow’s this good, skiing takes priority. It won’t always be this good, that I know. In fact, today was a bit dicey as the temperature got a little warm. It’s supposed to cool down again tonight so we shall see what the morning brings. One of these days I’ll get around to making those resolutions, I just know it.

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