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Archive for January 24th, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 3

January 24, 2022

January 17: We’d been waiting for a window to go to western Washington to see Mr. Karen’s mom so he could take care of some financial things for her before the end of the month. We got one, serendipitously when the MLK weekend/week crowds showed up on our mountain. To maximize our drive time while it was light out and the forecast looked better than the patches of freezing fog showing over night, we split the drive up over two days, which meant we went by these mountains when I could see them from the passenger seat, rather than in the dark as often is the case when we’re heading this one and doing it in one day.

Landscape with fence in foreground and snowy mountains in the background


January 18: I just liked this carved design on top of a wooden box in my sister-in-law’s guest room.

Close up of carvings on the top of a wooden box


January 19: Mr. K’s sister had some Christmas gifts for us when we showed up. I appropriated this chain mail style pot scrubber as a sort of fidget spinner for myself. It feels very nice in my hand. Eventually we’ll use it on the cast iron pans it’s designed for.

Woman's hand holding a chain mail style cast iron pot scrubber


January 20: I persuaded Mr. K’s mom to get up and look out at the rainbow that appeared just before sunset outside her window at the assisted living place.

Woman silhouetted in front of a window looking out at a rainbow


January 21: On my trips back and forth to the laundry room getting Mr. K’s mom’s stuff done, I passed by this cart with precarious-looking stacks of medicine cups and finally had to take a photo.

Side pocket of a medical cart stacked high with small plastic medication cups


January 22: Happened to be crossing the Columbia River close to dusk and I happened to be in the passenger seat and grabbed this shot at highway speeds.

Landscape taken from a bridge showing a river and bluffs in the distance


January 23: Back home again, with most of the visitors having left. We didn’t ski, being tired from our trip and there being no fresh powder anyway.

View of snow-covered mountains in the distance across a valley



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