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Girls and Boys

December 28, 2021

I take more photos in grocery stores than most people, I think. Recently, this display of children’s winter hats and gloves caught my eye. Very gender binary to my eyes. Pink and purple and turquoise for girls. Blues and black and grey and red for boys. Not surprising. I’m sure that’s what sells.

Display of children's winter caps and gloves at a grocery store


On a tangentially related subject, I need a better way to organize my digital photos, especially now that I’m not uploading any to Flickr anymore (the search there has helped me find things of my own over the years due to indexing the tags and descriptions). I was sure I’d taken a photo of a similar display at this same store in a previous year, but could not find it even when I looked through my unedited picture files for the most likely months on my backup drive. I do not look forward to that organizing project.


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