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Archive for December 14th, 2020

Monday Off

December 14, 2020

Mr. K and I didn’t ski today, using this lull before the 11 to 21 inches of snow we’re forecast to get on the mountain over the next few days to go down to town to get groceries and to look at more couches. I think we’ve found our new couch; we brought back five fabric swatches to consider, as it’ll need to be ordered (the one they had in the store was the longer version of the size we’ll need to fit in our space). We swung by the village to get the mail on our drive home; there was no mail, which was odd but not unprecedented. If we’d not skied but stayed home today, one or both of us would have walked down to get the mail, like I did several days ago. It was very quiet in the village when I strolled through around 10 at night, so there was no one to see me taking pictures of the Christmas tree’s reflection in the windows of the building across the way. Not that it would have stopped me if there were people; I’m not nearly as concerned what strangers think about me as I was when I was young.

Christmas tree with blue and white lights reflected in the windowed wall of a nearby building



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