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Archive for December 4th, 2020

My Friend the Creek

December 4, 2020

The kitten rescue project (see yesterday’s entry) gave me a chance to walk a particular trail over and over again, morning and night. It was interesting to see those familiar surroundings change from fall to winter (bouncing back and forth a few times until winter settled in). I got particularly enamored of stopping to look at a little creek that the trail crosses.

In early October, the creek had mostly green along its banks, with a few hints of autumn color:

creek running down the side of a hill with green plants on the banks


A few mornings after the photo above was taken, the green was pretty much covered in snow, with more falling:

creek running down the side of a hill with snow on the banks


But wait, by that same afternoon, the temperature had risen and the snow was melting, filling the creek with muddy water:

creek running down the side of a hill bank full with snowmelt


All the snow melted and it was all green again for a while before more snow came and stayed and ice started to form on branches and rocks:

creek running down the side of a hill with snow covered banks and ice forming on rocks


One evening in mid-November when I walked by snow was falling lightly and the creek was as snow covered as I’d seen it:

creek running down the side of a hill with snow falling


Now that I’m not checking the kitten trap twice a day, I’m not seeing the creek anymore. I’m getting my exercise walking to the ski hill and then skiing. I could still visit the creek, though, since the trail turns into a condo access ski trail in season. Maybe I’ll do that next time I’m on the slopes. Yes, it’ll involved some poling, which I try to avoid, but it’ll be worth it to see my friend.


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