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Archive for December 5th, 2018

Crossing the Streams

December 5, 2018

Over on my nail blog, I have a series called Nail Wheel Wednesday, in which I am attempting to swatch my entire collection of nail polish onto nail wheels—flat plastic plates with fake nails attached around the circumference. I don’t manage to post every week but I did get something up today, this group of warm-hued glitter polishes:

glitter nail wheel

Since I posted my first wheel in July of 2010, I’ve gotten better at photography, at least in this narrow niche. Here’s that first effort:

Nail wheel

This project has been an exercise in letting go of my remaining perfectionism. Since my early posts in the series don’t match my recent ones (in addition to being better at getting accurate colors in photos, I’ve also switched to larger photos on my blog, now document the bottles and do macro shots of the nail tips even for creme finishes, and I started watermarking my photos after I found some being used on eBay without my permission), I’m sometimes tempted to go back and re-do the early posts to bring them up to current standards, but that means not making progress on the overall goal of getting more polishes onto wheels, so I’ve just let those early posts be what’s now substandard. That’s hard for me, but easier than it used to be. I also question my decision to group special effect finishes (like the glitters above) onto wheels by finish and brand rather than by color, but I’m too far into the project to go back and revisit that, so I forge ahead even though it sometimes bothers me. I’d also like the wheels that are by color to go from lighter tints to darker shades, but I rarely get that right and again just have to push on through.


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