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Archive for December 28th, 2017

Still Flickring

December 28, 2017

According to various articles on the internet (so you know it’s true), Flickr has been dying for at least five years now. The Yahoo acquisition was going to kill it, or the changes in features, or Instagram, or other things. I vaguely recall being so angered by some change at some point that I signed up for a fledgling competing service (after much poking around, I think it was Ipernity); the biggest result of that was a bunch of spam e-mail in French showing up in my inbox (I’m still getting it, as recently as yesterday). Yet I am still at Flickr, still a Pro member, still posting photos regularly. Why? Because I already have a lot of photos here. Because I’m used to it. Because I have friends there I don’t interact with anywhere else. Because every now and then something fun will pop up when I check my stats (which I do rarely because mostly they are boring), such as finding out that one of my photos from Minsk was used for an article about libraries: Le biblioteche più belle da visitare in Europa. Sure, they appear to be using it in a way that my Creative Commons license says they shouldn’t, but at least they credited me at the bottom of the article, so that’s something.

National Library

I’ve been doing well with keeping up with my daily photo project there since I caught up yet again earlier this month. I’m already signed up for the 2018 group; if you, too, are persisting at Flickr, consider joining me in My Daily Photo Diary 2018. No one will fuss if you miss a day or days or weeks even; it’s just a fun group of folks from around the globe who get to peek into each other’s parts of the world.


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