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Archive for April 13th, 2017

February ’til Now Progress Report

April 13, 2017

I made some goals for this year, did a check-in on them at the end of January, and then dropped the ball. I’m going to pick it back up now and try to keep it in the air.

1. I will participate in the photo a day and photo a week projects I signed up for on Flickr.

I am doing the photos, mostly, but am behind in posting the daily ones (as of today, the latest I’ve done is March 13th). The mostly comes in with the weekly photos; twice now, I’ve not looked at the theme in time to compose a shot with it in mind, but have instead made a photo I took already during the week fit the theme. That’s not the point of the challenge, I know, and I will work on doing better.

2. I will read 52 books (up from 35 in 2016). At least 15 of those will be in fulfillment of a Book Riot Read Harder Challenge task.

I’m two books behind my targeted book a week pace, which isn’t too bad. I’ve still yet to figure out which if any fit the Boot Riot tasks, much less choose any books with that challenge in mind.

3. I will complete at least 52 action items to resist the hate and poison unleashed by the Trump electoral college victory.

I’ve done a poor job here. I joined two Indivisible groups but haven’t made it to any of their events yet. I haven’t called any of my legislators’ offices since February. I’m feeling discouraged. I need to get out and meet more like minded folks to help with that. The impending end of ski season and the coming of less snowy weather should make that easier.

4. I will publish at least 10 posts a month (average) on my nail blog.

February, yes, I did exactly 10. March, no; I only did five. I’ve done four in April so far, so there’s hope.

5. I will get some exercise at least 5 days a week.

I still haven’t kept the best track of this but believe I did manage it, between skiing and snowshoeing (Mr. K got me some of my own snow shoes for my birthday) and walking to the village to get the mail on days we didn’t ski. Oh, and a bit of snow shoveling, too.

6. I will log my food at least 3 days a week.

I started back with MyFitnessPal a few weeks ago and have been pretty consistent.

7. I will complete at least one organizing/unpacking task each week.

Not so much. I did empty one of my “to be sorted” containers before I left on my three week trip, and have poked a few piles since I returned, but nowhere near as much as I should have been doing.

8. I will try one new recipe each month. Doesn’t have to be for the Instant Pot, but probably will be.

I tried the Instant Pot Easy Mac and Cheese and liked it. That will go into the rotation. It’s not that different than the stovetop version we have been doing for years now, but definitely easier since there’s no watching for the pot to boil or stirring so the pasta doesn’t stick to the pan.

I can’t recall any other new recipes I tried, but I did experiment with making curry rice from ingredients we had leftover from other dishes. It smelled good and tasted fine if you ignored the fact I undercooked the rice. I will add a minute next time.

9. I will post at least three journal entries a month (not on average, but three minimum each month) here.

Nope. As you can see from the front page.

In summary, I’m underachieving on my goals. But I’m enjoying life, so that’s all right. Not that I don’t want to do better, I’m just not stressing about it.

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