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Archive for January 31st, 2017

January Progress Report

January 31, 2017

I made some goals for the year, and now it’s time to see how I’ve been doing.

1. I will participate in the photo a day and photo a week projects I signed up for on Flickr.
Yes. Done. The photos have been taken and uploaded and tagged and put the the proper places. I’m even caught up with posting the daily ones, which was something I really struggled with last year.

2. I will read 52 books (up from 35 in 2016). At least 15 of those will be in fulfillment of a Book Riot Read Harder Challenge task.
I have been reading, and am more or less on track with the book a week plan, though none of the titles I’ve finished so far have been chosen with the Book Riot list in mind. I haven’t been updating the book log or Goodreads, though, so I’ll need to do better with that in February.

3. I will complete at least 52 action items to resist the hate and poison unleashed by the Trump electoral college victory.
I fell short here. I did call Congress on some issues, and of course did the march the day after the inauguration, but I could have/should have done more. More calling, more donating, more something. The march was great, very heartening, but reaching out to my representatives in Congress feels pointless. I need to get over that feeling or at least push past it more.

4. I will publish at least 10 posts a month (average) on my nail blog.
Exceeded this goal by doing twelve, which is three more than my highest month last year.

5. I will get some exercise at least 5 days a week.
Hmm, not sure about this one. I skied a fair bit, though not every day, and on some of the days I didn’t ski we walked to the village and back, and there was some snow shoveling in there too, but I didn’t keep a log so I don’t know. Bad Karen.

6. I will log my food at least 3 days a week.
Nope, not all, didn’t even login to MyFitnessPal once. And for right now, I’m okay with that.

7. I will complete at least one organizing/unpacking task each week.
As with the exercise, I didn’t keep track throughout the month so am not sure if I did enough here. I did some, for sure, spending some time in the studio and making some progress on the boxes there.

8. I will try one new recipe each month. Doesn’t have to be for the Instant Pot, but probably will be.
Yes. It wasn’t anything elaborate, just salmon and spices in the Instant Pot, but we had it twice.

9. I will post at least three journal entries a month (not on average, but three minimum each month) here.
This one I’m typing now will make three.

So overall it was an okay month. For February I need to keep better track as I go and better define what constitutes an action item or organizing task.

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