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Archive for February 21st, 2016

More Things

February 21, 2016

I’m still doing Thingadailies in super relaxed mode. I may manage three posts this month, which is two more than I did in January, so that will be good if it happens. Which it won’t if I don’t get to the meat of this catch up post.

February 11th

Doing things the old fashioned way


Three balls

I made three balls of yarn like in olden times, with no swift and no ball winder, just a dining room chair and my hands.

February 12th

Starting a scarf


More wieldy width

I made a start on a scarf, then undid it and started over to make it a more wieldy width.

February 13th

Scarf progress

I made some progress on my scarf.

February 14th

Heart shaped grilled cheese!

I made an exclamation of envy when I saw the kids in the ski resort’s children’s program were getting heart shaped grilled cheese for Valentine’s Day.

February 15th

Swatching time

I made a bunch of swatches for my nail blog, part of which involves documenting the bottles and polish names on them.

February 16th

End of another ski day

I made some runs down the mountain.

February 17th
I made myself cranky working on gathering information for our tax preparer.

February 18th
I made a trip down to town to see my new doctor for a new patient appointment.

February 19th

Snow-colored sky

I made my way through a world where the ground and the sky were just about the same color.

February 20th

Glow parade aftermath

I went to a nearby city to try and start making new friends who share similar interests and then made it back up to the mountain in time to see the glow parade as well as some of its participants watching the fireworks afterwards.

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