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Archive for February 10th, 2016


February 10, 2016

So yeah, that Holidailies burst of activity didn’t exactly reset my journalling switch to “On”. Instead of writing here since Holidaililes ended, I did a lot of skiing, some nail blogging, and drove all the way to Michigan and back by myself to see friends and family and pick up some things Mr. Karen and I wanted in Idaho sooner rather than later. Near the end of my trip, I saw a Facebook post from Mary about something called Thingadailies she was doing. Thing-a-what-now? Apparently this is a new writing project hosted on the Holidailies site, in which “…participants commit to making one thing every day during the month of February, and sharing / talking about it on their blogs.” Now, there was no way I could make a physical thing each day in February, but the project guidelines do say “What ‘thing’ each person makes is entirely up to them.” so I figured I had some leeway and signed myself up. And then promptly did no posting at all. But I’m here now, and going to try and catch up.

February 1st


I made a joyful sound when I started packing up for my trip back to Idaho and found my favorite hiking socks nestled in a pair of shoes I’d left behind in Michigan in December. Yes, these are the very socks that I spent an entire journal entry lamenting the loss of during Holidailies.

February 2nd

Replacement bee

I made a necklace. By “made”, I mean I bought a wire choker and a bee charm at a craft store, opened the packages, and put the charm on the choker and the choker on my neck. I did this to replace a truly lost item, a bee necklace I’d been given as an attendee of a gathering of Michigan friends I went to the previous weekend. I got the necklace on Friday evening, put it on again Saturday morning even though I knew the clasp was wonky, and late Saturday afternoon pulled the bee-less black cord necklace out of my jeans. I retraced my steps as best I could, but no bee was to be found. I put the broken necklace in my purse, and have since managed to lose that, too. This replacement I made matches neither the original necklace (which was black cord with a silvery lobster clasp and chain) nor charm (which was flatter and more pewter-y and had wings that angled up, I think—I really wish I’d thought to take a picture of it before I put it on that Saturday) but it did make me feel better, and the parts were cheap so I didn’t break the budget consoling myself.

February 3rd

My ancestral home

I made a stop in Wisconsin to buy cheese curds.

February 4th
I stopped for the night in Albert Lea, Minnesota, and made time to swim in the hotel pool, which I had entirely to myself. Most times on trips like these, I get to the hotel too late to avail myself of the pool and hot tub, but this one was open later than most.

February 5th
I made a concerted effort to make it back to my mountain home, arriving well after dark but still before midnight.

February 6th
I made myself a nest of blankets on the couch and enjoyed not driving anywhere.

February 7th

Back on the slopes

I made my return to the slopes after three weeks away.

February 8th

Just another day in paradise

I once again made the walk down this road to ski.

February 9th
I made a trip into town to get an Idaho drivers license and Idaho plates for my car. I guess this moving thing is really real.

February 10th
I made the effort to do this journal entry, however bad an attempt at Thingadailies it may be. I also made myself several cups of medicinal tea, hoping to get over this sore throat I’ve come down with recently.

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