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Archive for December 18th, 2015

It’s Handy to Be Married to Someone Handy

December 18, 2015

The dryer at the condo here has always been wonky, making an odd noise and shutting itself off to take an hour-long rest during any but the lightest loads, but it always did eventually dry the clothes. A couple days ago it stopped making the odd noise, and just heated the clothes instead of drying them. My first thought: we’ll need a new dryer. My second thought: we will never find a dryer to fit into that space (it’s about half as deep as every other dryer I’ve ever seen or used). My third thought: I should Google possible fixes. Which I did, which led me to believe cleaning out all the lint build up might be the solution, except we didn’t seem to have a lot of lint in the hose, so I was skeptical that would work, except Mr. Karen fixed our dryer in Michigan by taking it apart and vacuuming everything he could reach, so I had some hope, even though that was a different problem (the dryer wouldn’t start, but would work if we push started the tumbling action). When taking it apart, he found some lint inside, but also a belt in back that was broken, so that seemed to be a major clue. Back to the internet, this time with the model number, and I found the replacement part (ironically, at a place quite close to our Michigan home). In the meantime, Mr. Karen found a rubber band about the right size and got the dryer working using that in place of the belt. Since the dryer lives on a shelf above the washer and there’s no access to the back once it’s in place, we have it sitting in our front hall right now, vent hose propped against some boxes so it won’t fall over, until we can get the new belt delivered and on the machine and tested and the cover over it screwed back in place (something the rubber band doesn’t have, since we expect it might break at any moment, but we have some backup rubber bands on hand). But I can use it, and we’re not expecting company soon, so I’m happy.

This is how we dry our clothes


It'll do



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