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Archive for April 7th, 2015

One Drawer Down

April 7, 2015

Even though I’m not even halfway through the Julie Morgenstern book I mentioned in my last post, I felt inspired to tackly my first small SHED project, one of the drawers under my bed. I pulled it out, and then pulled out the things that had fallen behind the drawer and piled them on top, giving me a starting point that looked like this:


The next step was sorting things into piles of like objects: camisoles, slips, bras, briefs, workout wear, pantyhose, and one thermal shirt with cuffs and collar cut off a la Flashdance.

Sorted by type

Some of these items belonged in other drawers, so I moved them; they’ll be evaluated when I get to those spaces. Some of them were stained or worn out; those got trashed. Some things which do not fit the body I have now went into the donate box, though I may end up trashing those later, too, as I’m not so sure about donating things like bras even if they are in good shape. Would I wear a used bra? Probably not. Would other people? Maybe, and why not; they’ve been washed, after all. (Well, one had not; it still had the tags on it.) When I was done, the drawer looked like this (seeing this photo, I spy a couple other things I could probably let go of now that I’m more comfortable with the amount of empty space here; I should get those out of there when I get home tonight):


The fun part of this little project was unearthing relics from the 80s: a camisole with padded shoulders, a bra with the Pints of Pads shoulder pads still Velcroed to the straps, and these beauties—Braza stick on bra cups (copyright 1985).

No longer relevant to my lifestyle

Just look at these fabulous 80s fashions on the back of the package!

So very 80s

I have no recollection of what outfit I bought these for—I’m sure it’s long gone— and only the vaguest memory of putting them on (must have taken me a bit to get the hang of it, as there were an odd number left). The 80s were a long time ago (as were my B cups), so out these went. I was fun to see them before they hit the trash, though. I’m looking forward to what else might turn up as I continue with my SHED process (or whatever processes I end up using to get through the masses of stuff in my house that need to get dealt with before we can move out west).

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