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Archive for December 23rd, 2014

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve

December 23, 2014

Soon I will leave the office for the holiday break. Most of my colleagues have already gone, but I don’t have anywhere I have to be until after lunch tomorrow and am rather enjoying the quiet here right now. Or was enjoying it, rather—the cleaning crew has just arrived on my floor with their vacuum.

We weren’t in this building long enough before Christmas last year for the company to have done any decorating, but this year some festive items appeared in some of the common areas. When I’ve gone to the kitchen to get tea for the past few weeks, I’ve been greeted by the Big Bang crew.

Big Bang Standee

In the elevator lobby, there are hobbits. The team outing this year was to see the Hobbit movie last Wednesday, but I skipped it because a) I hadn’t seen the first two parts due to lack of interest (the three Lord of the Rings movies were plenty for me) and b) I was way too busy.

Hobbits standee

One floor up, where the rest of my department is, they have another Big Bang group standee and individual Sheldon and Penny standees, each with a skinny spangly tree and Santa hats. I’m a tiny bit disappointed that we didn’t get Amy or Bernadette standees (they exist; I checked the CBS store online), since I identify more with them than Penny. But hey, my gender was represented in the decor, so I got that going for me, and I do like the trees quite a bit.

Office tree


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