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Archive for December 5th, 2013

In Which My Brain is Fried

December 5, 2013

Part of the Holidailies tradition as I manifest it here on my online journal is me writing at least one entry about being stressed and/or bummed and/or unmotivated, from 2002’s Humbug to 2012’s Cranky. I’ve written similar entries in non-Holidailies months, too, but not nearly so regularly, since without the spur of this collaborative project, there’s not a compelling reason for me to take time out from my stress or push through my doldrums in order to put some words on the screen.

This year, I am writing that entry today. I don’t usually reach this point this early in the month, but this particular early December finds my whole department moving to a new office pretty much at the same time as we’re doing some major system changes, all of that conflicting with personal plans I made six months ago. I am not doing well at balancing all these things. I hate that I am not doing well. Rather than me ranting about that some more, let’s instead gaze upon this peaceful scene I snapped out a plane window this past summer.

Clouds from above

I think if I’d remember to stop and breathe and let my mind rest for a minute more often, I’d feel better and maybe even get more done. Maybe there’s an app for that.


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