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It’s Holidailies Time

December 5, 2008

Holidailies is back, and of course I had to sign up again. How could I not? I’ve met the challenge every year I’ve had an online journal, starting back in 2002 when I was on Diary-X. It’s a Hat on Top tradition now, a constant in a world where so much is uncertain (especially here in the Motor City just now). I’m so glad Jette and Chip decided to host it again.

So, hey there, and welcome to another round of Holidailies. If you haven’t been here before and are curious about what sort of person still has a one-column layout with generous white space in this day and age, my home page is a good place to start poking around. Or, you could ask me questions in the comments, and I’ll answer them in a future entry. Yes, that’s right, long time readers, I’ve taken the plunge and added a comments feature to this journal. I’m still pretty old school—hand coding an index page, anyone?—and I still hate the word “blog”, but I like to think I’m not entirely inflexible, so I decided to use Holidailies as a try-out period for having comments here.

As long as I was in the php files changing stuff, I decided to switch up my category archives so I could get a list of entries again like I had before I upgraded my WordPress installation back in April. I’ve still got some tweaking to do, but thanks to this tutorial I’m most of the way there. I was tempted to change the title bar image, too, but decided I needed to stop fiddling and start posting before the day got away from me entirely.


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  1. Angela Says:

    You crack me up, Karen. “a one-column layout with generous white space in this day and age…” HA!! Also, glad to see you added comments, finally!

  2. KarenD Says:

    Well, I hear all the really cool kids have comments these days, so I just had to try it.

  3. Bozoette Mary Says:

    Woo! Comments!

  4. Vonnie Says:

    Oh yeah, it’s about time! So many times I want to comment, but I delete the journal notifies and by the time you write again, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to comment on.

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