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Archive for April 26th, 2013

Almost Over April

April 26, 2013

Somehow it’s been over a month since I last posted here. I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose, yet I am. Here’s some of what have I been doing instead of writing entries:

I edited my last post with the information about how to win a $50 Igigi gift certificate; scroll down here for the details.

Hawaiian Shirt Saturday

I wore a Hawaiian shirt to work, as the last mandatory Saturday in our big code conversion project was declared Hawaiian Shirt Saturday.

Fisher Building

Mr. Karen and I went to the Fisher Theater to see The Book of Mormon. I liked it; he wasn’t so keen on it.

Me and Mom

I started on medication for an underactive thyroid (I don’t have any photos of that). I went to visit my mom and other family in Illinois one weekend (I did take photos then, though not of the part where we drove around getting witnesses and notary services for Mom’s new will and durable power of attorney). I went to a quilt shop for the first time in months to get a gift for a friend, then went to the surprise birthday party her brothers arranged for her. I read at least a bit most nights before bed; there’s a bunch of new stuff in my book log.

Gradient with Smitten Polish

I played with nail polish and posted a bunch of stuff on my nail blog. That up there is a gradient I did with some polishes I got for free for review from Smitten Polish, a hand mixed indie brand.


I kept taking pictures every day for my Flickr group, like this one of the budding daffodil in front of my house. I routinely fell behind in posting them, but not as far behind as I’ve fallen here. I’d promise to do better about posting on this journal, because I’d like to post here more, but there are only so many waking hours in a day and I keep filling them up with other things and don’t feel I’m going to stop doing that anytime soon. Tonight, for instance, I’m heading to Illinois to spend time over the weekend with my mom and brother; we’ve begun the slow process of sorting through her house to get the place ready for sale, as she will never go back to living in the home she had built in the mid-70s. Thank goodness my niece and her husband were willing and able to give her a new place to settle.

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